Quality, comfortable, handmade jewelry that makes a bold statement in its simplicity…

Jenna Scifres Handmade Jewelry features unique, handmade jewelry in a minimalist style with a focus on comfort and quality. Jenna Scifres grew up on a farm outside of Peoria, IL and loved collecting rocks and stones as a child and exploring the outdoors. She started making jewelry as a hobby and the first piece of jewelry she created were tiny wire triangle earrings.

What started as a hobby grew into a full time business in 2016. Jenna loves making meaningful, personalized jewelry for her customers. Jenna Scifres Handmade Jewelry specializes in name, initial, and birthstone jewelry as well as GPS coordinates jewelry, state or location jewelry, Morse code jewelry, roman numerals jewelry, and even pet ID tags.

The technique Jenna uses to create personalized jewelry is metal stamping. A very different process than metal engraving with a machine, metal stamping means every letter and number is stamped individually one by one – completely done by hand. Jenna Scifres Handmade Jewelry also uses high quality Swarovski birthstone crystals, semi-precious, and precious stones, often using raw and uncut gemstones.

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