DIY How To: Vintage Sheet Music Earrings



I am selling these earrings in my Etsy shop and wanted to share with others how to make them at home!  Please feel free to use this idea for your own use or for close friends or family, but please respect my work and do not copy my design for reselling.

If you would like to purchase from my Etsy store, please use this link:

Materials needed:

  • Vintage Sheet Music
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Glue or Decoupage (I recommend Modpodge brand)
  • Clear Sealant (I recommend Diamond Glaze brand but you could also use clear fingernail polish)
  • Ear Wires
  • Small Jump Rings
  • Jewelry Pliers
  • Sandpaper or Nail File
  • Jewelry Hole Drill Tool
  • Bic Lighter
  • Paper plate or paper towel for work area


Step 1:  Lay charm onto vintage sheet music and trace with pencil. Line up with interesting parts of the music.  I like to use treble and bass clef signs on a lot of my vintage sheet music jewelry. Read more about Clefs here. IMG_20151014_100640

Step 2:  Cut sheet music along pencil lines.  This doesn’t have to be perfect if you plan on burning the edges in the following steps.IMG_20151014_100917

Step 3:  Using a lighter, lightly burn edges of the cutout sheet music.  Obviously, this needs to be done VERY CAREFULLY!  I usually only lightly burn one edge at a time and immediately blow it out.  This will leave some nice burned edges that I think adds a more antique feel to the charms.  This is not a necessary step if you would like to skip it.



Step 4:  Line up tiny burnt pieces of sheet music on top of aluminum charms.  Get decoupage paste and small paint brushes ready.IMG_20151014_101805

Step 5: Use small paint brush to paint on three layers of decoupage (Modpodge or other brand). Let dry in between each coat.  Three thin layers works great and dries pretty fast.

Another view of decoupage drying.

Step 6: After decoupage is completely dry, drill hole through top of charm and sand all edges.  Fine grit sandpaper will work, I also like to use a fine nail file.

Step 6: Wipe all metal dust from filing off with a damp cloth.  Use a final layer of clear nail polish or jewelry clear coat (Diamond Glaze brand works great).  After completely dry, attach jump rings and fishhook ear wires.IMG_20151014_103017

Enjoy creating your sheet music earrings!  If you would like to purchase from my Etsy store, please use this link:

They are a steal of a deal!  Especially after you see the time and effort that goes into each step of this process 🙂 Thank you for reading!!!
IMG_20151014_102721 (1)





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